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Audio Description: New Perspectives Illustrated

Anna Maszerowska & Anna Matamala & Pilar Orero 2014

E-Book: 225 English Pages

Publisher:  John Benjamins

Price: 1000 Toman

Download: Audio Description: New perspectives illustrated ( Maszerowska & Matamala & Orero 2014).

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Audio description (AD) is a narrative technique which provides complementary information regarding the where, who, what and how of any audiovisual content. It translates the visuals into words. The principal function of this ad hoc narrative is to make audiovisual content available to all: be it a guided city tour of Barcelona, a 3D film, or a Picasso painting. Audio description is one of the younger siblings of Audiovisual Translation, and it is epigonic to the audiovisual translation modality chosen. This book is the first volume on the topic written in English and it brings together an international team of leading audio description teachers, scholars, and practitioners to address the basic issues regarding audio description strategies. Using one stimulus, Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds (2009), the authors analysed what, when, where and how to audio describe. The book is written in a collaborative effort, following a bottom up approach. The many issues that surfaced in the process of the analysis were grouped in broader categories represented in the ten chapters this book contains. A good example of a successful international collaboration, the volume sets a robust practical and theoretical framework for the many studies on audio description to come in the future. Considering the structure of the individual contributions, the book is not only oriented towards the identification of the challenges that await the describer, but it also offers an insight into their possible solutions.


“All in all, this is a down-to-earth book that can help professionals teach – and learn – technical language. It solves many terminological problems encountered in translating texts between English and German in the field of industrial technology and engineering. It provides valuable insight into the profession of technical translators and meets a very important and tangible need.”
Valentin Shevchuk, Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia, in Perspectives, Vol. 13:1 (2005)
“It is like a miniature encyclopaedia dealing with the fundamental conceptual basis of science, engineering and mathematics, with particular regard to terminology.”

EST Newsletter, No. 25 (November 2004)

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