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Plato and Intellectual Development

Philosophy and Oscar Wilde

Nietzsche’s Psychology of Ressentiment

Nietzsche’s Nihilism in Walter Benjamin

Alice Munro

Framing Pieces

Deconstruction in a Nutshell

Gadamer and Hermeneutics

Dialogue and Dialectic

A Handbook to the Reception of Thucydides

Deep Locational Criticism

The Year’s work in English studies

ادبیات و اندیشه

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Nabokov and his Books

Shakespeare in French Theory

The Reception of Oscar Wilde in Europe

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The Fiction of Alice Munro

Heidegger’s Hidden Sources

Nietzsche and Political Thought

Nietzsche’s Therapeutic Teaching

The Art of Living


Nietzsche and the Question of Interpretation

The Descartes Dictionary

Decoding Chomsky

Jane Austen’s Narrative Techniques

English Literature Book

The Cambridge Introduction to Jane Austen, 2006

The Cambridge Companion to Literature on Screen

Jane Austen’s Narrative Techniques

The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen

In Search of Jane Austen

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James Joyce in Context