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Studying Scientific Metaphor in Translation

Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

Representing Others

Translated People,Translated Texts

Complicating the History of Western Translation

Empirical Translation Studies

Media Across Borders

Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan

Quran: A Reformist Translation

Navigating the Transnational in Modern American Literature and Culture

2017 Translation Studies Book

The Future of Translation Technology

2017 Translation Studies Book

Examining Text and Authorship in Translation

Consecutive Notetaking and Interpreter Training

The Global Translator’s Handbook

Lost in Translation

Translation in Context

The Handbook of Translation and Cognition


The Grammar of Japanese Mimetics

Studying Scientific Metaphor in Translation

Fundamental Aspects of Interpreter Education

Heidegger, Translation, and the Task of Thinking

Rachmaninoff’s complete songs

New Directions in Empirical Translation Process Research

Discourses of Regulation and Resistance

A French-English Grammar

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

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Ordinary Meaning

Gadamer and Hermeneutics

Direct Interface and One-Channel Translation

Translation in Anthologies and Collections

Translation as Systemic Interaction