A New Selected Translation with an Exposition of the Philosophy of Kuo Hsiang

Chuang Tzu & Fung Yu-lan 2016

E-Book: 93 pages

Price: Free

Download: Chuang-Tzu: A New Selected Translation with an Exposition of the Philosophy of Kuo Hsiang (Tzu & Yu-lan 2016).

This book reprints an ancient Chinese work from the late Warring States period (3rd century BC) that contains stories and anecdotes exemplifying the carefree nature of the ideal Taoist sage. Chuang Tzu’s philosophy represents the main current of Taoist teachings, and his text is widely regarded as both deeply insightful and a great achievement in the Chinese poetical essay form. The version presented was translated by Feng Yu-lan, the famous Chinese philosopher, who puts more emphasis on Chuang Tzu’s philosophy than do previous attempts. William James once said that every great philosopher has a personal vision. When one has grasped that vision, the whole system can be easily understood. And Crocé once said that the greater a philosophical system is, the simpler the central idea. Although the present translation is limited to the first seven chapters of Chuang Tzu’s writings, it accurately conveys his main vision and ideas.

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