Cosmopolitanism and Translation


Cosmopolitanism and Translation

Investigations into the Experience of the Foreign

Peranca Bielsa 2016

E-Book: 199 pages

Publisher: 3.000 Toman

Download: Cosmopolitanism and Translation: Investigations into the Experience of the Foreign (Bielsa 2016).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

Social theories of the new cosmopolitanism have called attention to the central importance of translation, in areas such as global democracy, human rights and social movements, but translation studies has not engaged systematically with theories of cosmopolitanism.

In Cosmopolitanism and Translation, Esperança Bielsa does just that by focussing on the lived experience of the cosmopolitan stranger, whether a traveller, migrant, refugee or homecomer. With reference to world literature, social theory and foreign news, she argues that this key figure of modernity has a central relevance in the cosmopolitanism debate.

In nine chapters organised into four thematic sections, this book examines:

  • theories and insights on “new cosmopolitanism”
  • methodological cosmopolitanism
  • translation as the experience of the foreign
  • the notion of cosmopolitanism as openness to others
  • living in translation and the question of the stranger.

With detailed case studies centred on Bolaño, Adorno and Terzani and their work, Cosmopolitanism and Translation places translation at the heart of cosmopolitan theory and makes an essential contribution for students and researchers of both translation studies and social theory.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Introduction: Cosmopolitanism and Translation

Part 1. The Stranger

Chapter 2. Towards a Sociology of Strangerhood

Chapter 3. Redefining the Stranger in a Cosmopolitan Context

Part 2. World Literature

Chapter 4. Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism, World Literature and Translation

Chapter 5. Roberto Bolaño’s Reception in Spanish and English

Part 3. Social Theory

Chapter 6. Translating Sociology

Chapter 7. Theodor W. Adorno’s Homecoming

Part 4. Foreign News

Chapter 8. A Cosmopolitan Perspective on News Translation

Chapter 9. Tiziano Terzani’s Asia


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