Discourse and Meaning


Discourse and Meaning

Papers in Honor of Eva Hajicová

Barbara H. Partee & Petr Sgall 1995

E-Book: 444 pages

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Downlaod: Discourse and Meaning: Papers in Honor of Eva Hajicová (Partee & Sgall 1995).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

A collection of papers in honor of Eva Hajičová, who represents the continuation of the Prague School tradition in the methodological context of formal and computational linguistics. Her broadly acknowledged contribution to syntax, topic-focus studies, discourse analysis and natural language processing is reflected in the papers by 30 authors, divided in five sections (Discourse, Meaning, Focus, Translation, Structure).

Table of Contents
Preface v
Contents ix
Tabula gratulatoria xiii
1. Foreword

Although her life with us has not been easy … Jarmila Panevová and Petr Sgall 3
2. Discourse

Non-propositional encoding of discourse categories Olga T. Yokoyama 17
The content and form of illocutionary acts Ján Horecký 31
The sublanguage paradigm: A comprehensive theory of linguistic activity Bozena Henisz Thompson 39
Knowledge negotiation Philip A. Luelsdorff 47
3. Meaning

Allegation and local accommodation Barbara H. Partee 65
Remarks on substance, function and form Helmut Schnelle 87
Three kinds of using the identity sign Pavel Materna 95
On what is impossible entailing everything Andrzej Bogusławski 111
Some remarks on homonymy and polysemy Eugenius M. Uhlenbeck 119
The meaning of Meaning in the Prague school Oldřich Leška † 127
Your metaphor or mine: Belief ascription and metaphor interpretation Yorick Wilks, John A. Barnden and Jin Wang 141
On real mother, real man and similar expressions Milka Ivić 163
4. Focus

The focus and scope of only James D. McCawley 171
Grammatical implementation of the dominance of subject and focus Bengt Sigurd 195
A note on rhematic disagreements in early child language Wolfgang U. Dressler 205
Mobility of clause constituents and functional sentence perspective Jan Firbas 221
Topic and focus in a formal framework Jaroslav Peregrin 235
Wh-extraction and the topic-focus articulation of the sentence Eva Koktová 255
Theme-rheme structure: Its exponents and its semantic interpretation Elena V. Paducheva 273
5. Translation

Some rationales and methodologies for example-based machine translation Makoto Nagao 291
Les belles infidèles: Fidelity as a criterion of good translation Margaret King 307
Preference mechanisms of the Multra machine translation system Anna Sågvall Hein 321
6. Structure

Structural and communicative hierarchies in participial adjuncts Rudolf Růžička 337
Writing down the speech of very small children by English graphemes Josef Vachek 347
Tough constructions of Japanese and English in HPSG framework Akira Ikeya 353
On quantification in grammar and semantics Marie Těšitelová 369
Fitting languages into a model of language modelled on language Olga Mišeska Tomić 379
Some peculiarities of Czech relational adjectives Charles E. Townsend 393

Eva Hajičová — An appreciation Barbara H. Partee 407
Selected bibliography of Eva Hajičová 415
Name Index 419
Subject Index 423

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