Discourse in Translation 2019


Discourse in Translation

Said Faiq 2019

E-Book: 242 English pages

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Download: Discourse in Translation (Faiq 2019).

This book explores the discourse in and of translation within and across cultures and languages. From the macro aspects of translation as an inter- cultural project to actual analysis of textual ingredients that contribute to translation and interpreting as discourse, the ten chapters represent different explorations of ‘global’ theories of discourse and translation. Offering interrogations of theories and practices within different sociocultural environments and traditions (Eastern and Western), Discourse in Translation considers a plethora of domains, including historiography, ethics, technical and legal discourse, subtitling, and the politics of media translation as representation. This is key reading for all those working on translation and discourse within translation studies and linguistics.

  • Introduction
  • Translation as D-discourse  By Said Faiq
  • Translating ‘translation’: What do translators ‘translate’? By Ernst Wendland
  • Theory and practice in the French discourse of translation By Richard Jacquemond
  • Specialist legal interpreters for a fairer justice system By Sandra Hale
  • Investigating mediation in translation By Hui Wang
  • Translation as the instigator of a new Arabic discourse in Islamic intellectual history By Gavin N. Picken
  • A toolbox for critical translation analysis in specialized discourse (English/Spanish) By Ovidi Carbonell Cortés
  • Types of connotative meaning, and their significance for translation By James Dickins
  • A case study of modality in legal translation: The Omani constitution By Mohammed Farghal
  • The translation of film titles in the Egyptian film industry By Muhammad Y Gamal
Strategic media misrepresentation and the Arab–Israeli conflict By Rajai Al-Khanji