Experimental Pragmatics 2018


Experimental Pragmatics

The Making of a Cognitive Science

Ira Noveck 2018

Institut des Sciences Cognitives – Marc Jeannerod

E-Book: 277 English Pages

Price: 7.000 Toman

Download: Experimental Pragmatics: The Making of a Cognitive Science (Noveck 2018).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

How does a listener understand a sarcastic ‘That was a wonderful speech’ when the words point to a positive review? Why do students of introductory logic interpret ‘Some cabs are yellow’ as ‘Not all cabs are yellow’ when the meaning of ‘some’ is compatible with ‘all’? Pragmatics aims to explain how listeners draw out a speaker’s meaning from utterances, an astonishing feat when one considers that the words in a sentence hardly suffice for fully comprehending what the speaker intended. Given the nature of pragmatics, it is going to take the interdisciplinary firepower of many cognitive sciences – including philosophy, experimental psychology, linguistics and neuroscience – to fully appreciate this uniquely human ability. In this book, Ira Noveck, a leading pioneer in experimental pragmatics, engagingly walks the reader through the phenomena, the theoretical debates, the experiments as well as the historical development of this growing academic discipline.


Advance praise: ‘This richly illuminating guide by one of the pioneers of experimental pragmatics offers a unique insider’s view of the origins, current state and future prospects of the field. Brilliantly enjoyable, accessible and fair-minded.’ Deirdre Wilson, University College London

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