Iberian Studies on Translation and Interpreting


Iberian Studies on Translation and Interpreting

Isabel García-Izquierdo & Esther Monzó 2012

E-Book: 405 pages

Publisher: Peter Lang

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This volume gathers contributions representing the main trends in translation and interpreting studies by authors in the Iberian peninsula, with a focus on the Iberian languages (Basque, Catalan, Portuguese/Galician and Spanish). The essays cover different methodologies and objects of analysis, including traditional textual and historical approaches as well as contemporary methods, such as cultural, sociological, cognitive and gender-oriented perspectives. This seemingly eclectic approach pivots around seven focal points that aim to reflect the most frequent research topics in the Iberian peninsula:

(i) theoretical and methodological approaches;

(ii) translation and interpreting training;

(iii) historical perspectives;

(iv) terminology;

(v) rapidly evolving fields in the translation and interpreting industry, such as localization and public service interpreting;

(vi) translation of literature; and

(vii) translation studies journals.

About the Author

Isabel García-Izquierdo is Professor of Translation Studies in the Department of Translation and Communication at the University Jaume I, Spain, where she teaches applied linguistics and Spanish language. Since 2000, she has been head of the GENTT (Géneros Textuales para la Traducción) research team that focuses on the multilingual analysis of textual genres. She is the author of Análisis textual aplicado a la Traducción (2000), Divulgación médica y traducción (2010) and Competencia textual para la traducción (2011); and the editor of El género textual y la traducción (2005).
Esther Monzó is Senior Lecturer in Legal Translation in the Department of Translation and Communication at the University Jaume I, Spain. She is also an official certified translator and a temporary translator at the Geneva office of the United Nations and other international organizations. Her research focuses on the sociological aspects of translation.