Machine Translation and the Information Soup, 1998


Machine Translation and the Information Soup

David Farwell, Laurie Gerber, Eduard Hovy, 1998

E-Book: 550 English pages

Publisher: Springer (1998)

Price: 1000 Toman

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Machine Translation and the Information Soup! Over the past fty years, machine translation has grown from a tantalizing dream to a respectable and stable scienti c-linguistic enterprise, with users, c- mercial systems, university research, and government participation. But until very recently, MT has been performed as a relatively distinct operation, so- what isolated from other text processing. Today, this situation is changing rapidly. The explosive growth of the Web has brought multilingual text into the reach of nearly everyone with a computer. We live in a soup of information, an increasingly multilingual bouillabaisse. And to partake of this soup, we can use MT systems together with more and more tools and language processing technologies|information retrieval engines, – tomated text summarizers, and multimodal and multilingual displays. Though some of them may still be rather experimental, and though they may not quite t together well yet, it is clear that the future will o er text manipulation systems that contain all these functions, seamlessly interconnected in various ways.