Positioning Theory in Applied Linguistics 2019


Positioning Theory in Applied Linguistics

Research Design and Applications

Hayriye Kayı-Aydar 2019

E-Book: 214 Pages

Price: 3000  Toman

Download: Positioning Theory in Applied Linguistics: Research Design and Applications (Kayı-Aydar 2019).

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This book is about Positioning Theory (Davies & Harré, 1990) and its potential applications in bilingual and multilingual contexts involving teachers, learners, speakers, and users of a second/foreign or additional language. By using Positioning Theory as a theoretical lens and analytical approach, the author illustrates how various social and poststructural concepts in applied linguistics and language teacher education, including identity, agency, language socialization, classroom participation, and intercultural communication, can be investigated and better understood. The book adds a new perspective to the growing body of multidisciplinary literature in the areas of L2 teacher education and classroom learning, and includes step-by-step guidelines for positioning analysis, insights and implications for classroom practice, as well as suggested directions for future research. It will be of particular interest to language teachers and teacher educators, as well as students and scholars of applied linguistics more broadly.

Hayriye Kayi-Aydar is Assistant Professor of English Applied Linguistics at the University of Arizona, USA. Her research encompasses discourse, narrative, and English as a Second Language (ESL) pedagogy, at the intersections of interactional sociolinguistics and poststructural approaches to Second Language Acquisition (SLA).

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