Staging and Performing Translation


Staging and Performing Translation

Text and Theatre Practice

Roger Baines & Cristina Marinetti & Manuela Perteghella 2011

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E-Book: 292 English Pages

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Download: Staging and Performing Translation: Text and Theatre Practice (Baines & Marinetti & Perteghella 2011).

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This exploration of the territory between theory and practice in contemporary theatre features essays by academics from theatre and translation studies, and delineates a new space for the discussion of translation in the theatre that is international, critical and scholarly, while rooted in experience and understanding of theatre practices.


‘This is a fascinating, original and timely book. It succeeds in creating a space where theatre practice and theatre translation are able to meet. The majority of the essays, interventions and discussions in the volume are grounded in the theatre making process, and there are a wealth of different perspectives offered on what that the difficult word – practice means for translators who work in the theatre.’ – Carl Lavery, Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Aberystwyth University, UK

‘The volume’s strength lies in the firsthand experiences of its contributors, who include not only academics but also directors, actrors, translators, and so on. Includes an interview with writer/director Christopher Hampton. Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, researchers, professionals.’ – E.M.Huergo, CHOICE

‘The contributions invite readers to contemplate their own understanding of the complexities of drama translation, their practices and the aims they pursue in their theatre work.’ – Jeannette Rissman, Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance


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