Tapping and Mapping the Processes of Translation and Interpreting, 2000


Tapping and Mapping the Processes of Translation and Interpreting

Outlooks on empirical research

E-Book: 187 English pages

Publisher: John Benjamins

Price: 1000 Toman

Download: Tapping and Mapping the Processes of Translation and Interpreting: Outlooks on empirical research (Tirkkonen-Condit, Jääskeläinen 2000) 

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

This volume brings together cognitive psychologists, interpreting scholars and translation researchers, who look at the process phenomena involved in translation and interpreting (T/I) from various linguistic vantage points.

The focus is on methodology and the problems that loom large in a multidisciplinary discipline. The authors include Annette de Groot, Juliane House, Kirsten Malmkjaer and Miriam Shlesinger.

The topics discussed range from simultaneous interpreting, subtitling, translating in pairs, the sub-skills involved in T/I, to expertise and management issues.

Three major challenges emerge from T/I process research as it is portrayed in this book:

– How to maintain a clear vision of the object of study?
– How to ensure methodological sobriety?
– How to transfer the emerging knowledge of expertise to translation pedagogy?