Text Linguistics of Qur’anic Discourse 2019


Text Linguistics of Qur’anic Discourse

An Analysis

Hussein Abdul-Raof 2019

E-Book: 368 English Pages

Price: 30.000 Toman

Download: Text Linguistics of Qur’anic Discourse: An Analysis (Hussein Abdul-Raof 2019).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

Text Linguistics of Qur’anic Discourse is an in-depth investigation of the fabric of Qur’anic Discourse. It unravels the texture of the macro Qur’anic text; its cohesion and coherence systems; the notions of intertextuality, semantic relatedness, and thematic sequentiality; the macro textual features of ellipsis, repetition, and argumentation structure; and the contextual, co-textual, grammatical, and semantic factors involved in the macro Qur’anic text. This book is a valuable and methodologically consistent learning and teaching academic resource for universities worldwide in this intriguing new discipline. Through its methodologically coherent discussion and in-depth analysis that is hinged upon modern European text linguistics, Text Linguistics of Qur’anic Discourse provides an insight into the newly established discipline of text linguistics, and explores the different layers of the macro Qur’anic text as an academic requirement.

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