The Key to Technical Translation



The Key to Technical Translation

Michael Hann 1992

E-Book: 248 English Pages

Publisher: John Benjamins

Price: FREE

Download: The Key to Technical Translation (Hann 1992).


This handbook for German/English/German technical translators at all levels from student to professional covers the root terminologies of the spectrum of scientific and engineering fields. The work is designed to give technical translators direct insight into the main error sources occurring in their profession, especially those resulting from a poor understanding of the subject matter and the usage of particular terms to designate different concepts in different branches of technology. The style is easy to read and suitable for nonnative English speakers and translators with no engineering experience. Volume 1 presents a comprehensive systematic description of the basic concepts underlying all branches of technology: Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Materials, Science, Electronics, Nucleonics, Aeronautics, Computers, Automobiles, Plastics and other important fields. Volume 2 expands this terminology with the aid of a Technical Thesaurus and a set of structured bilingual dictionaries which draw attention to specific English/German errors, usage of technical vocabulary and to collocations of general vocabulary in engineering contexts.
The two volumes combine 3 major areas:
1. Technical Translation,
2. General Linguistics and
3. Computational Lexicography, possibly indirectly marking the birth of a new discipline “Technical Linguistics”.
The book is designed for practical as well as academic use, for translator trainers, practicing translators, applied linguists, and professional engineers and scientists working with English/German documentation.


“There is so much material there that the books will not only be wanted by English/German/English translators, but the English basis on its own will be attractive to other language orientations involving English” Juan C. Sager (UMIST, Manchester)

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