Transcribing Talk and Interaction


Transcribing Talk and Interaction

Issues in the Representation of Communication Data

Christopher Joseph Jenks 2011

E-Book: 262 English pages

Publisher: John Benjamins

Price: 1000 Toman

Download: Transcribing Talk and Interaction: Issues in the Representation of Communication Data (Jenks 2011).

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Interest in transcript-based research has grown significantly in recent years. Alongside this growth has been an increase in awareness of the empirical utility of naturalistic research on language use in interaction. However, a quick scan of the literature reveals that very few transcription books have been published in the past three decades. This is an astonishing fact given that there are perhaps hundreds of books published on spoken discourse analysis. This book aims to narrow this gap by providing an introduction to the theories and practices related to transcribing communication data. The book is intended for students with little to no knowledge of transcription work and/or instructors responsible for teaching introductory courses on transcript-based research. Readers who are learning or teaching discourse/conversation analysis or similar analytic methods of investigation will find this book particularly helpful.


“This volume equips the reader with the necessary tools needed to embark on a first transcription. Overall then, given the aim of the book to be used in introductory courses on research using interaction data, Jenks’ work is a welcome, hands-on resource for how to transcribe.”
Veronika Drake, University of Wisconsin-Madison, on Linguist List Vol. 23.1907 (2012)
“Jenks’s timely publication has relevance for postgraduate researchers and scholars, especially in the field of conversation analysis (CA). The book is a comprehensive introduction to transcribing interaction, which covers both practical and theoretical aspects of the phenomenon. […] This erudite guide to transcription in interaction research makes a significant contribution to the field by combining the theory and practice of transcribing as an indispensable aspect of communication research. This book has the potential to inform both novice and experienced researchers and can be used as an informative resource in postgraduate programmes in communication, sociology, psychology, anthropology, education and applied linguistics all over the globe.”

Olcay Sert, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, in Discourse Studies, Vol. 15:3 (2013, pages 353-355.

The author:

Christopher Jenks has many years of experience teaching transcription work and analysis of communication data to postgraduate students and researchers. In addition to running workshops and giving presentations on similar topics at universities around the world, he has published widely in top international journals and has numerous other forthcoming publications.

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