Translation in Context


Translation in Context

Selected Contributions from the EST Congress, Granada, 1998

Andrew Chesterman & Natividad Gallardo San Salvador & Yves Gambier 2000

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Download:Translation in Context: Selected Contributions from the EST Congress, Granada 1998 (Chesterman & Salvador & Gambier 2000).

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Translation in Context is a collection of contributions from the 1998 Congress arranged by EST, the European Society for Translation Studies, in Granada, Spain. It illustrates some of the latest research interests and achievements in Translation Studies at the turn of the millennium. The contributions show how the context of Translation Studies has expanded to cover new documentation techniques, cultural and psychological factors, the latest computer tools, ideological issues, media translation, and new methodologies. A total of 32 papers deal with: (I) Conceptual analysis in Translation Studies, (II) Situational, sociological and political factors, (III) Psychological and cognitive aspects, (IV) Translation effects, (V) Computer aids, (VI) Text-type studies, (VII) Culture-bound concepts, and (VIII) Translation history. The languages of the papers and abstracts are English, French, German and Spanish.


“The wide range of topics offers something for everyone interested in translation today.”
— Richard Trim, Université d’Aix-Marseille III, in Babel Vol. 50:2 (2004)