Translation In The Global Village



Translation In The Global Village

Christina Schaffner 2000

E-Book: 78 English pages

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

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Recent developments, particularly globalisation and advances in technology, have affected our production and perception of language, as reflected in two conflicting forces, globalism and tribalism. The role of English as an international lingua franca is discussed, and conclusions are drawn for the varying activities of translation today and for the rapidly changing job profile of the translator.

About the Author

Christina Schäffner is a senior lecturer in the School of Languages and European Studies at Aston University (Birmingham, UK), Co-director of the Institute for the Study of Language and Society, and Secretary General of the European Society for Translation Studies. Her main research interests are translation studies, political discourse, textlinguistics, and metaphors. Her publications include Language and Peace (co-edited with Anita Wenden, 1995), Cultural Functions of Translation (co-edited with Helen Kelly-Holmes, 1995), Conceiving of Europe – Diversity in Unity? (co-edited with Andreas Musolff and Michael Townson, 1996), Translation and Quality (ed., 1997), Translation and Norm (ed.,1999) and articles in various journals.

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