Translation: The Basics


Translation: The Basics

E-Book: 214 English pages

Price: 3.000 Toman

Download: Translation: The Basics (House 2018).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

Translation: The Basics is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the study of translation. Combining traditional text-based views with the context of translation in its widest sense, it presents an integrated approach to methodology in order to critically address influences such as power and gender, as well as cultural, ethical, political and ideological issues. Answering such questions as:

  • How can translations be approached?
  • Do social issues and culture play a part in translations?
  • How does a translation relate to the original work?
  • What effect has globalization had on translation?
  • What are the core concerns of professional translators?

Key theoretical issues are explained with reference to a range of case studies, suggestions for further reading and a detailed glossary of terms, making this the essential guide for anyone studying translation and translation studies.


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