The site TLLBOOK.IR has been launched as the first English language specialized library in October 2016 in order to provide faster and better access for researchers of all academic disciplines to books in the main language in order to be able to share data in the field of all disciplines and trends in all disciplines in Iran, in order to be familiar with modern science, has a small contribution to the progress of science and knowledge.


Providing and preparing resources, books, articles, conferences in the fields of humanities, medical sciences, technical-engineering sciences, basic sciences, art and cinema, and English language.

How to receive services:

The documents included in the posts have download links. By clicking on them, the document will be provided to you for free.
Some documents must be purchased. By clicking on the payment option, you will be directed to the bank’s payment page. By entering the details of your Shatab card, the document link will be activated for you. (Enter your email correctly so that a copy of the link will be emailed to you)