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A Multidisciplinary Journal for Translation and Interpreting Studies

Volume 15 – Issue 2 – December 2014

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Translation and Linguistics

1– From S-explicitation to T-explicitation? Tracing the development of the explicitation concept — Ralph Krüger

2– Metaphorical conceptualizations of vertical and horizontal space in English press articles and their Greek translations — Maria Sidiropoulou & Spyros Hoidas

3–The EULA’s labyrinth: Mapping the process — Mariana Orozco-Jutoran

Translation Policy

4– Joseph Smith’s uses of pseudo-, intralingual and intersemiotic translation in the creation of the Mormon canon: The Book of Mormon, the Bible and the Book of Abraham — Roberto Valdeón

5– Commercial considerations: A reason for retranslating — an exploration of the retranslation boom in the 1990s mainland China — Mingwu Xu & Chuanmao Tian

Professional Profile

6– The translator as expert — a realistic or an idealistic model? How recent empirical findings fit into existing models of translation — Helle Dam & Karen Zethsen

7– Receptive multilingualism and its relevance to translation studies with data from interpreters of the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages — Jim Hlavac

Conference Reports

8– “Interpreting studies at the crossroads of disciplines” Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Arts Maribor, Slovenia, 25–26 October 2013 — Csilla Szabó

Book Review

9– Sekundäre Formen des Foreigner Talk im Deutschen aus übersetzungswissenschaftlicher Sicht
Tamás Fáy Beiträge zur interkulturellen Germanistik. Band 4. Tübingen: Narr Verlag, 2012, 176 pp., ISBN 978-3-8233-6714-7 — Viktor Zachar

10– Translating promotional and advertising texts — Ira Torresi Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing, 2010 193 pp. ISBN: 978 1 905763 20 7 (pbk) ISSN 1470-966X (Translation Practices Explained) — Pál Heltai

11- Books received

Across Languages and Cultures publishes original articles and reviews on all sub-disciplines of Translation and Interpreting (T/I) Studies: general T/I theory, descriptive T/I studies and applied T/I studies. Special emphasis is laid on the questions of multilingualism, language policy and translation policy. Publications on new research methods and models are encouraged. Publishes book reviews, news, announcements and advertisements.
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