Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies

Volume 01, Issue 03, 2014



01- The beginning of the importation of new literature from exotic countries into China.

02- (Self-)censorship and the translator-author relationship: the case of full translation, partial translation.

03- Categorization of the fiction translation expectancy norms to Iranian undergraduate readership.

04- Enlarging translation and enlightening the field: an interview with professor Maria Tymoczko.

Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies intends to provide a transnational platform for Asia Pacific scholars to present their researches in translation studies and to forge closer ties with scholars in other parts of the world. It aims to enhance academic investigation and further the exchange of translation and cultural studies among global theoreticians and practitioners. It particularly encourages evaluations of linguistic and cultural specificities, as well as the social, political, and economic contexts in which they arise.