Babel: International Journal of Translation

Volume 62 – Number 2 – 2016

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Table of Contents

1– Authenticity and the indigenous: Translating the ethnographic avant-garde – Washbourne, Kelly

2– Representations of the dead and the afterlife in translations of Mudan Ting, a masterpiece in Chinese Kunqu theatre — Ngai, Cindy S.B.

3– The subtitling of offensive and taboo language into Spanish of Inglourious Basterds: A case study — vila-Cabrera, Josavier

4– Das Übersetzungswesen im kommunistischen Polen zwischen Dominanz und Vielfalt (1944–91) — Hofeneder, Philipp

5– Translation quality assessment demystified — Karoubi, Behrouz

6– Faithfulness in translation of children’s literature: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in Chinese — Kwok, Virginia

7– Interjectional issues in translation: A cross-cultural thematized approach — Masiola, Rosanna

8– Acting for the human rights of translators and interpreters — Borei, Sven H.E.

9– Definition of framework and scope for the work of the FIT: Human Rights Committee

10– Xu, Jun, et al. Translation of Chinese Classics: Theory and Practice. — Cui, Ying

11– July de Wilde. Literatura, ironía y traducción: Un análisis de La tía Julia y el escribidor de Mario Vargas Llosa, La invención de Morel de Adolfo Bioy Casares y Tres tristes tigres de Guillermo Cabrera Infante (Spanish Edition). — Tsui-Ling, Huang

12– Jacob S.D. Blakesley. Modern Italian Poets. Translators of the Impossible. — Gaiardoni, Chiara

About Babel

Babel is a scholarly journal designed primarily for translators and interpreters, yet of interest also for the nonspecialist concerned with current issues and events in the field of translation. Babel includes articles on translation theory and practice, as well as discussions of the legal, financial and social aspects of the translator’s profession; it reports on new methods of translating, such as machine-aided translation, the use of computerized dictionaries or word banks; in each issue special sections on “Literary Translation” and “The Life of FIT”. An established publication, Babel will appeal to all those who make translation their business and research. Contributions are written in English and French and occasionally in German, Spanish and Russian.