God Here and Now

Karl Barth 2003

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Publisher: Routledge

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راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

Karl Barth was, without doubt, one of the most significant religious thinkers of modern times. His radical affirmation of the revealed truth of Christianity changed the course of Christian theology in the twentieth century and is a source of inspiration for countless believers. Pope Pius XII declared that there had been nothing like Karl Barth’s later thought since Thomas Aquinas. God Here and Nowoffers a succinct and accessible overview of that thought. In it, Barth outlines his position on the fundamental tenets of Christian belief, from the decision of faith to the authority of the Bible, and from the interpretation of grace to the significance of Jesus Christ. In this way Barth challenges each and every reader to discover what it means to encounter God, here and now.


‘Karl Barth was a man of his time. Yet he was also a genius, able to see a little further than many and to offer new insights into the ways of God and mankind.’

Professor Colin Gunton, The Times

‘With a startling suddenness [Barth’s] message has transformed the whole outlook of Protestant theology on the continent.’

The Times Literary Supplement

‘This is a beautifully produced reissue of a collection of essays.’

Reviews in Religion and Theology

‘This welcome reissue in the Routledge Classics series…introduces the first-time reader to aspects of his mature thought in an accessible way…God Here and Now is a superb introduction to Barth at his most compelling and most frustrating.’

Epworth Review

About the Author

Karl Barth (1886-1968). Protestant theologian, born in Basel, who has been described as ‘the Einstein of twentieth-century theology.’