Inner-sentential Propositional Proforms

Syntactic Properties and Interpretative Effects

Werner Frey & André Meinunger & Kerstin Schwabe 2016

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This book deals with sentential proforms and their relationship to their associated clauses. Sentential proforms are highly interesting from the point of view of grammatical theory, since their occurrence is determined not only by syntax, but also by prosody and semantics. The present volume contributes to a better understanding of the interfaces between these different levels. By providing syntactic, prosodic, semantic, psycholinguistic and corpus-based support, this book underpins the claim that there exist different sentential proform types in German and Dutch, that these proform types correlate with different verb classes, and that their associated related clauses are located in different syntactic positions. The present volume also looks at a Hungarian sentential proform construction, which is similar to the German(ic) structure, but, at the same time, is different in its licensing conditions.