Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies

Anna Snaith 2007

E-Book: 322 English pages

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Download: Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies (Snaith 2007).

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Virginia Woolf is one of the most written-about writers of the twentieth century. Her work has evoked passionate and violently opposed reactions, making the history of her reception – with its trends and preoccupations – a fascinating subject. However, the ever-expanding body of criticism on Woolf can be daunting to readers, students and researchers. This indispensable guide to Woolf Studies provides clear and engaging accounts of eleven key approaches to Woolf’s work, including feminist, biographical, historicist, modernist and psychoanalytical. It also highlights more recent approaches to Woolf’s writing such as leesbian, postcolonial and European reception studies. Written by internationally renowned Woolf scholars, each chapter outlines the approach itself and provides concise summaries of key texts in the field. The volume also includes a full introduction to Woolf’s reception and key reference tools such as a comprehensive bibliography which includes electronic resources and a chronology of Woolf’s work.

‘This superb collection brings Virginia Woolf scholarship into the twenty-first century. Providing an assessment and survey of the state of recent critical approaches to Woolf’s writing, the volume casts its spotlight on critical studies from the 1960s onward. Each lucid and accessible essay covers a key theoretical approach, while interlacing and overlapping the author’s perspective on his/her subject to engage in dialogue with other chapters. Theoretically rich and sophisticated, probing and comprehensive, the volume fulfills its promise to help illuminate the study of Woolf for her readers.’
—- Professor Merry Pawlowski, California State University, Bakersfield, USA

About the Author

ANNA SNAITH is a Lecturer in English at King’s College London, UK. She is the author ofVirginia Woolf: Private and Public Negotiations (Macmillan 2000) and the editor of the Three Guineas Letters to Virginia Woolf (Woolf Studies Annual 2000). She is currently working on a book entitled Colonial Modernism: Women Writing London 1900-1945.