International Journal of Translation Studies

Special Issue: Heterolingualism in/and Translation

Volume 18, Number 1, 2006

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Table of Contents


1- Heterolingualism in/and translation: How legitimate are the Other and his/her language? An introduction – Reine Meylaerts

2- Refraction and recognition: Literary multilingualism in translation – Rainier Grutman

3- Write to speak: Accents et alternances de codes dans les textes dramatiques écrits et traduits au Canada – Louise Ladouceur

4- Language plurality as power struggle, or:: Translating politics in Canada – Chantal Gagnon

5- Traduire l’hybridité littéraire: Réflexions à partir du roman de Samuel Selvon: The lonely Londoners – Hélène Buzelin

6- Language politics, translation, and American literary history – Michael Boyden

7- Revealing the invisible: Heterolingualism in three generations of Singaporean playwrights – James St. André

8- How legitimate is my voice?: A rejoinder – Jan Blommaert

Book reviews

9- Harald Kittel, Armin Paul Frank, Norbert Greiner, Theo Hermans, Werner Koller, José Lambert and Fritz Paul, eds., in association with Juliane House and Brigitte Schultze. Übersetzung / Translation / Traduction. Ein internationales Handbüch zur Übersetzungsforschung / An international encyclopedia of Translation Studies / Encyclopédie internationale de la recherche sur la traduction. — R.R.K. Hartmann

10- Per Qvale. From St Jerome to hypertext: Translation in theory and practice, tr. Norman R. Spencer; English Language Revision: Linda Sivesind and Kirsten Malmkjaer. — Jeremy Munday

11- Maeve Olohan. Introducing corpora in Translation Studies. – Sandra L. Halverson

12- Gottfried R. Marshall, dir. La traduction des livrets: Aspects théoriques, historiques et pragmatiques. – Dinda L. Gorlée

13- Armin Paul Frank and Horst Turk, eds. Die literarische Übersetzung in Deutschland: Studien zu ihrer Kulturgeschichte in der Neuzeit. – Wolfgang Pöckl

14- Michel Ballard et Ahmed El Kaladi, éds. Traductologie, linguistique et traduction. – Christine Durieux

15- Paola Daniela Smecca. Representational tactics in travel writing and translation : A Focus on Sicily. – Alex Demeulenaere

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