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Target: International Journal of Translation Studies

Volume 28 – Number 1 – 2016

Price: 2000 Toman

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Table of Contents


1–Letter from the Multilingual Website Editor–Cristina Marinetti

2–Fluency/resistancy and domestication/foreignisation: A cognitive perspective–Haidee Kruger

3–Agents of Latin: An archival research on Clement Egerton’s English translation of Jin Ping Mei–Lintao Qi

4–From EPIC to EPTIC — Exploring simplification in interpreting and translation from an intermodal perspective–Silvia Bernardini, Adriano Ferraresi and Maja Miličević

5–On translation policy–Gabriel González Núñez

6–The professional backgrounds of translation scholars. Report on a survey–Esther Torres-Simón and Anthony Pym

7–Trait Emotional intelligence and translation: A study of professional translators–Séverine Hubscher-Davidson

Book reviews

8–House, Juliane, ed. 2014. Translation: a multidisciplinary approach–Reviewed by Andrew Chesterman

9–Montgomery, Scott. 2013. Does science need a global language? English and the future of research–Reviewed by William F. Hanes

10–Pym, Anthony. 2012. On translator ethics. Principles for mediation between cultures–Reviewed by Kaisa Koskinen

11–Špirk, Jaroslav. 2014. Censorship, indirect translation and non-translation: The (fateful) adventures of Czech literature in 20th-century Portugal—Reviewed by Hanna Pięta

Target promotes the scholarly study of translational phenomena from any part of the world and welcomes submissions of an interdisciplinary nature. The journal’s focus is on research on the theory, history, culture and sociology of translation and on the description and pedagogy that underpin and interact with these foci. We welcome contributions with a theoretical, empirical, or applied focus. We especially welcome papers on topics at the cutting edge of the discipline, as well as shorter positioning statements which may encourage discussion by contributors to the “Forum” section of the journal. The purpose of the review section is to introduce and discuss the most important publications in the field and to reflect its evolution.

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