Volume 29– Number 2 – 2017

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راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .


Authors: Stefan, Baumgarten; Jordi, Cornellà-Detrell

2-“He stole our translation”
Author: Christina, Delistathi

3-Foucault in English
Author: Karen, Bennett

4-Translation and hegemonic knowledge under advanced capitalism
Author: Stefan, Baumgarten

5-Technology, translation and society
Author: Maeve, Olohan

6-Humanum ex machina
Authors: Mark, O’Thomas

7-Fansubbing in China
Authors: Dingkun, Wang; Xiaochun, Zhang

8-Subaltern mediators in the digital landscape
Author: Teresa, Iribarren

9-Piotr Blumczynski & John Gillespie (eds.). (2016) Translating Values: Evaluative Concepts in Translation
Author: Andrea, Stojilkov

10-Robert Looby. (2015) Censorship, Translation and English Language Fiction in People’s Poland
Author: Joanna, Dybiec-Gajer

11-Kobus Marais. (2014) Translation Theory and Development Studies: A Complexity Theory Approach
Author: Stefan, Baumgarten

12-Alamin M. Mazrui. (2016) Cultural Politics of Translation: East Africa in a Global Context
Author: Kobus, Marais

13-Vicente L. Rafael. (2014) Motherless Tongues: The Insurgency of Language amid Wars of Translation
pp. 357-360(4)
Author: Marianna, Deganutti