A Practical Guide to Localization


A Practical Guide to Localization

Bert Esselink 2000

E-Book: 498 pages

Price: FREE

Downlaod: A Practical Guide to Localization (Esselink 2000).

A Practical Guide to Localization was written for technical translators, localization engineers, testing engineers, desktop publishers, project managers, and anyone else who may be involved in the release of multilingual products.In this second edition, translators can learn more about localizing software, online help and documentation files, and the latest translation technology tools. Localization engineers can learn all about developing, engineering, and testing multilingual software and online help projects. For project managers, there is all the information needed for planning translation and localization projects, finding resources, and ensuring product quality. New to this second, fully updated and revised edition are chapters on internationalization, multilingual desktop publishing, and software quality assurance. The book has been designed both as a reference work and a teaching tool.
Bert Esselink has been active in localization for over a decade. After graduating in technical translation and taking university classes in programming and computational linguistics he worked for several years as software localizer, localization engineer, and technical project manager at International Software Products. In 1996 he joined ALPNET in Amsterdam as localization manager before taking on the role of globalization manager, developing internal production quality standards. In January 2000 Bert joined Lionbridge to head up their European globalization consulting services.


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