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Translation in Russian Contexts

Translation and the Intersection of Texts, Contexts and Politics

Translation and Language in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Translation as Reparation

Translation and Empire

Cultural Politics of Translation

Translating India

Decolonizing Translation

Translation in a Postcolonial Context

Ubiquitous Translation

Translation after Wittgenstein

Tradition, Tension and Translation in Turkey

Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies

Russian Writers on Translation

Translation and Rewriting in the Age of Post-Translation Studies


Deconstruction and Criticism

Heidegger, Translation, and the Task of Thinking

Western Translation Theory from Herodotus to Nietzsche

Politics of Deconstruction

The Domestication of Derrida

Deconstruction and Pragmatism

The Invention of Deconstruction

Gadamer and Hermeneutics

Derrida and Deconstruction

Deconstruction and Critical Theory


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Bourdieu in Translation Studies

The Translation Zone


Translation and Philosophy

American Modernism’s Expatriate Scene

Interpretation, Law and the Construction of Meaning