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Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis

A Comparative and Critical Introduction

Robin Wooffitt, 2005

E-Book: 245 pages

Publisher: Sage

Download: Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis: A Comparative and Critical Introduction (Wooffitt 2005). Free Download.

This significant text by Robin Wooffitt is the first to systematically examine the complex relationship between conversation analysis and discourse analysis. It comes at a timely moment: despite the close connection between the two forms of analyses in academic research, no other existing text explains these links methodically, comprehensively and for the benefit of undergraduate and master’s students.

Key features of this text:

– It takes students from first principles up to more advanced debates, and is therefore suitable for under grad and MA/PhD students.

– Careful illustration of methodological approaches through detailed analysis of data.

– Clarity of writing; lengthy chapter summaries; further readings; glossary of CA/DA terminology as an appendix.

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis shows how the methods and findings of conversation and discourse analysis may inform the development of empirical research questions. It will therefore be an invaluable resource for social science students on courses which require them to undertake practical or empirical exercises.