Corpus Approaches to Discourse


Corpus Approaches to Discourse

A Critical Review

Charlotte Taylor & Anna Marchi 2018

E-Book: 298 English Pages

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Download: Corpus Approaches to Discourse: A Critical Review (Taylor & Marchi 2018).

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Corpus linguistics has now come of age and Corpus Approaches to Discourse equips students with the means to question, defend and refine the methodology. Looking at corpus linguistics in discourse research from a critical perspective, this volume is a call for greater reflexivity in the field. The chapters, each written by leading authorities, contain an overview of an emerging area and a case-study, presenting practical advice alongside theoretical reflection. Carefully structured with an introduction by the editors and a conclusion by leading researcher, Paul Baker, this is key reading for advanced students and researchers of corpus linguistics and discourse analysis.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction: Partiality & reflexivity – Anna Marchi & Charlotte Taylor

A. Overlooked areas (checking the dusty corners)

2. Similarity – Charlotte Taylor (University of Sussex)

3. Using corpus linguistics to investigate absence/s: You don’t know what you’re missing. Or do you? – Alison Duguid (University of Siena) & Alan Partington (University of Bologna)

4. Overlooked text types: from fictional texts to real world discourses – Alon Lischinsky (Oxford Brookes University)

B. Triangulation (identifying blind spots)

5. Analysing the multimodal text – Helen Caple (University of New South Wales)

6. Using multiple datasets – Sylvia Jaworska (University of Reading) & Karen Kinloch (Lancaster University)

7. Interdisciplinary approaches in corpus linguistics & CADS – Clyde Ancarno (Kings College London)

C. Research design (avoiding pitfalls / re-examining the foundations)

8. The role of the text in corpus and discourse analysis: Missing the trees for the forest – Jesse Egbert & Erin Schnur (Northern Arizona University)

9. Dividing up the data: epistemological, methodological and practical impact

of diachronic segmentation – Anna Marchi (University of Bologna)

10. Visualization in corpus-based discourse studies – Laurence Anthony (Waseda University)

11. Keyness analysis: nature, metrics & techniques – Costas Gabrielatos (Edgehill University)

12. Statistical choices in corpus-based discourse analysis – Vaclav Brezina (Lancaster University)

13. Conclusion: Reflecting on reflective research – Paul Baker (Lancaster University)

14. Index


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