Exploring Translation Theories 2014


Exploring Translation Theories

Anthony Pym 2014

E-Book: 242 English Pages

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Exploring Translation Theories presents a comprehensive analysis of the core contemporary paradigms of Western translation theory.

The book covers theories of equivalence, purpose, description, uncertainty, localization, and cultural translation. This second edition adds coverage on new translation technologies, volunteer translators, non-lineal logic, mediation, Asian languages, and research on translators’ cognitive processes. Readers are encouraged to explore the various theories and consider their strengths, weaknesses, and implications for translation practice. The book concludes with a survey of the way translation is used as a model in postmodern cultural studies and sociologies, extending its scope beyond traditional Western notions.

Features in each chapter include:

  • An introduction outlining the main points, key concepts and illustrative examples.
  • Examples drawn from a range of languages, although knowledge of no language other than English is assumed.
  • Discussion points and suggested classroom activities.
  • A chapter summary.

This comprehensive and engaging book is ideal both for self-study and as a textbook for Translation theory courses within Translation Studies, Comparative Literature and Applied Linguistics.


“Pym has a rare gift for exposition. He equips his readers to theorise for themselves by starting from problems rather than pronouncements…For anyone who has ever sought to convince others that theory can enrich and enhance translation practice, this book is essential reading.”

Adrienne Mason, University of Bristol, UK

“Exploring Translation Theories is a valuable addition to the recent publishing boom in Translation Studies: it offers a clear exposition of the principal theories for newcomers to the field while placing them in enough new light to provide food for thought for more established Translation Studies scholars, and suggests a number of tantalising new directions for research.”

Susan Pickford, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Exploring translation theories, Second edition by Anthony Pym is a thought provoking book on prevailing paradigms of Western translation theories. Each chapter is clearly laid out with an opening summary, a bulleted list of the chapter’s key points, a section in which key terms are defined if necessary, and a segment that offers supporting and opposing arguments about the chapter’s theories. Additionally, each chapter contains a closing summary and a list of suggested activities that relate to the chapter’s paradigm, making it an ideal addition to an advanced course on translation…the “Suggested projects and activities” sections at the end of each chapter are a welcome addition to any translation classroom. The activities are fun and informative, as they will challenge students to think through the different paradigms on a practical level.”

Diana Gorman Jamrozik, Columbia College Chicago. LINGUIST List

About the Author

Anthony Pym is Professor of Translation and Intercultural Studies at the Rovira i Virgili University, Spain. He is also President of the European Society for Translation Studies, a fellow of the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, and Visiting Researcher at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. His publications include The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union (2013) and On Translator Ethics (2012).

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