Rethinking Translation 2019


این ایبوک همان نسخه 1992 است. برای سال 2019 ایبوک شده است

E-Book: 248 English pages

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Download: Rethinking Translation: Discourse, Subjectivity, Ideology (Venuti 1992-2019)

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Originally published in 1992 Rethinking Translation makes the translator’s activity more visible by using critical theory. It examines the selection of the foreign text and the implementation of translation strategies; the reception of the translated text, and the theories of translation offered by philosophers, critics and translators themselves. The book constitutes a rethinking that is both philosophical and political, taking into account social and ideological dimensions, as well as questions of language and subjectivity. Covering a number of genres and national literatures, this collection of essays demonstrates the power wielded by translators in the formation of literary canons and cultural identities, and recognises the appropriative and imperialist movements in every act of translation.

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors


Introduction, Lawrence Venuti

1. Translating Origins: Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, Andrew Benjamin

2. Translation as Simulacrum, John Johnston

3. Gender and the Metaphorics of Translation, Lori Chamberlain

4. Translation as (Sub) Version: On Translating Infante’s Inferno, Suzanne Jill Levine

5. Merill’s Valéry: An Erotics of Translation, Jeffrey Mehlman

6. Mistranslation, Missed Translation: Hélène Cixous’ Vivre L’Orange, Sharon Willis

7. Translation and the Postcolonial Experience: The Francophone North African Text, Samia Mehrez

8. Translation and Cultural Hegemony: The Case of French-Arabic Translation, Richard Jacquemond

9. The Language of Cultural Difference: Figures of Alterity in Canadian Translation, Sherry Simon

10. Colors in Translation: Baudelaire and Rimbaud, Tom Conley

11. I.U. Tarchetti’s Politics of Translation; or a Plagiarism of Mary Shelley, Lawrence Venuti



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