Teaching Languages to Young Learners



Teaching Languages to Young Learners

Lynne Cameron 2001 

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Download: Teaching Languages to Young Learners (Cameron 2001).


Recent years have seen rapid growth in the numbers of children being taught foreign languages at younger ages. While course books aimed at young learners are appearing on the market, there is scant theoretical reference in the teacher education literature. Teaching Languages to Young Learners is one of the few to develop readers’ understanding of what happens in classrooms where children are being taught a foreign language. It will offer teachers and trainers a coherent theoretical framework to structure thinking about children’s language learning. It gives practical advice on how to analyse and evaluate classroom activities, language use and language development. Examples from classrooms in Europe and Asia will help bring alive the realities of working with young learners of English.


‘The book offers an excellent, in-depth insight into how children learn and how teachers can promote their learning potential. The thought-provoking questions and analysis of classroom data urge teachers to re-evaluate and re-confirm their choice of tasks and the demands they make on children.
Verdict: ***** British Council Network News

‘Excellent. Fills a gaping hole in the available literature and provides teachers serious about their professional development with a sound theoretical basis for their teaching, as well as lots of practical ideas.’


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