Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies, 2009


Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Claudia V. Angelelli, Holly E. Jacobson 2009

E-Book: 265 English pages

Publisher: John Benjamins

Price: 1000 Toman

Download: Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Angelelli & Jacobson 2009)

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies examines issues of measurement that are essential to translation and interpreting. Conceptualizing testing both as a process and a product, the collection of papers explores these issues across languages and settings (including university classrooms, research projects, the private sector, and professional associations). The authors have approached their chapters from different perspectives using a variety of methods, some focusing on very specific variables, and others providing a much broader overview of the issues at hand. Chapters range from a discussion of the measurement of text cohesion in translation; the measurement of interactional competence in interpreting; the use of a particular scale to measure interpreters’ renditions to the application of a specific approach to grading or general program assessment (such as interpreter or translator certification at the national level or program admissions processes). These studies point to the need for greater integration of research and practice in the specific area of testing and assessment and are a welcome addition to the field.

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