The Language of Business Studies Lectures


The Language of Business Studies Lectures

A Corpus-assisted Analysis

Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli 2007

E-Book: 257 English pages

Publisher: John Benjamins

Price: 1000 Toman

Download: The Language of Business Studies Lectures: A Corpus-assisted Analysis (Camiciottoli 2007).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

New opportunities in the global workplace have heightened interest in business studies. In response to this trend, this book presents an in-depth analysis of a corpus of authentic business studies lectures, focusing on spoken, academic, disciplinary and professional features (e.g., speech rate, interactive devices, specialized lexis) that are crucial to comprehension, but often problematic for non-native speakers. The investigation adopts an original multi-pronged approach including quantitative, qualitative and comparative analyses. It utilizes techniques drawn mainly from corpus linguistics and discourse analysis, but also integrates observational and ethnographic methods to provide unique extra-linguistic insights. The study is thus a full-circle interpretive account of this dynamic spoken genre where academia and profession converge. The book shows how business studies lectures are characterised by a synergy of discourses and communicative channels that reflect the community of practice, highlighting the need to help international business students develop multiple literacies to overcome present and future challenges.


“Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli’s book on the language of business lectures will be of use not only to experts in the fields of discourse analysis and corpus linguistics but has also much to offer to the increasing number of people working in the academic world of Business Studies and indeed to those operating in the marketplace.”

— John Morley, Professor of English Linguistics, Faculty of Political Science, University of Siena

“Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli presents a well-written, engaging analysis of a keystone genre of the MBA discourse community – the business studies lecture. Of interest to language researchers, discourse analysts, as well as the members of the business community itself, this volume takes the reader from the conception of this multi-year project through its successful conclusion, carefully detailing all the methodological and analytical steps along the way. […] On the whole, I feel Crawford Camiciottoli presents an interesting and accessible analysis of the business studies lecture genre. Using an approach that neatly illustrates the utility and advantages of micro corpora analysis, the merits of this volume are many. […] Insightfully and carefully, Crawford Camiciottoli details her methodological approach and addresses some of the limitations and common pitfalls corpus researchers are likely to encounter in their analyses. Importantly, this volume demonstrates how standard corpus linguistic approaches to discourse can be extended by more ethnographically oriented methodologies that shed light on nonverbal modalities. This book will undoubtedly be of interest to corpus researchers, novice and expert alike, who wish to complement their research with alternative methodologies.”

Brandon Loudermilk, University of California, Davis, on Linguist List, Vol. 19.1066 (2008)

“An excellent example of how different research traditions can be brought together to offer a thorough, coherent and well grounded exploration of a genre. Drawing on corpus linguistics, discourse analysis and ethnographic observation, this book explores the spoken features of lectures, their specific role in academic discourse and their disciplinary / professional strategies.”

Marina Bondi, Professor of English Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

“This is an important and timely contribution to the scholarly literature as business studies courses continue to increase in popularity and as more and more business studies lectures are being given in English. ”

John M. Swales, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, The University of Michigan

“Given the growing popularity of business studies, this is a most timely work. The organization of the volume and the writing style are very clear and the discussions of the literature relating to the various academic spheres of interest are impressive. Useful considerations are included on using corpora for the comparison of discourse types, something which is often – inexplicably – missing from genre studies.”

Alan Partington, Associate Professor of Linguistics , Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna, Italy

“This book presents a thorough and rigorous set of studies of a corpus of Business Studies lectures in English which focus primarily on features of the language used by lecturers, an, secondly, on a number of multimodal aspects of the lectures. It is the first major study of lectures in this particular subject area and it also consitutes an important contribution to the study of English language academic lectures in general.[…] This book presents a useful model for how crpus analysis tools can be used in the study of academic discourse, making use of the concordancing, wordlist and keyword tools in the WordSmith tools suite of programmes, and it is an interesting source of insights into the language of Business Studies lectures that will help the reader to formulate hypotheses to test and further data.”

Paul Thompson, University of Reading, in the International Journal of Corpus Lingustics, Vol. 13:1 (2008)

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