Analysing Discourse


Analysing Discourse

Textual Analysis for Social Research

Norman Fairclough 2003

E-Book: 279 pages

Price: Free

Download: Analysing Discourse: Textual Analysis for Social Research (Fairclough 2003).

Analysing Discourse is an accessible introductory textbook for all students and researchers working with real language data.

Drawing on a range of social theorists from Bourdieu to Habermas, as well as his own research, Norman Fairclough’s book presents a form of language analysis with a consistently social perspective. His approach is illustrated by and investigated through a range of real texts, from written texts, to a TV debate about the monarchy and a radio broadcast about the Lockerbie bombing. The student-friendly book also offers accessible summaries, an appendix of example texts, and a glossary of terms and key theorists.

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