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Critical Discourse Studies

Volume 14 – Issue 1  – 2017

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Table of Contents

Original Articles

1–Violent extremism and iconisation: commanding good and forbidding evil? —Peter Wignell, Sabine Tan & Kay L. O’Halloran

2–Development aid and disease discourse on display: the mutating techniques of neoliberalism —Jean Claude Kwitonda

3–The politics of fear vs. the politics of hope: analysing the 2015 Greek election and referendum campaigns —Salomi Boukala & Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou

4–Writing multi-discursive ethnography as critical discourse study: the case of the Wenchang Palace in Quzhou, China —Song Hou & Zongjie Wu

5–Media construction of Russia’s international relations: specifics of representations —Tatiana Dubrovskaya & Evgeniy Kozhemyakin


6–Silence and concealment in political discourse —Aysun Kıran

7–(In)Appropriate online behavior: a pragmatic analysis of message board relations —Deanna Demetriou

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