Clause Structure

Elly van Gelderen 2013

E-Book: 254 English Pages

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Clause structure is the most widely-studied phenomenon within syntactic theory, because it refers to how words and phrases are embedded within a sentence, their relationships to each other within a sentence, and ultimately, how sentences are layered and represented in the human brain. This volume presents a clear and up-to-date overview of the Minimalist Program, synthesizes the most important research findings, and explores the major shifts in generative syntax. As an accessible topic book, it includes chapters on framework, the clause in general, and the semantic, grammatical and pragmatic layers. Designed for graduate students and researchers interested in syntactic theory, this book includes a range of examples taken from data acquisition, typology and language change, alongside discussion questions, helpful suggestions for further reading and a useful glossary.


Advance Praise: “In this wonderful and engaging book on clause structure, Elly van Gelderen provides a refreshing and important discussion of the nature and structure of syntactic derivations. A must-read.” –Terje Lohndal, Associate Professor of English Linguistics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology