Colonial Slavery 2022


Colonial Slavery

An Abridged Translation 2022

Jacob Gorender & Bernd Reiter

Translated BY Alejandro Reyes

E-Book: 283 pages

Publisher: Routledge

Price: FREE

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Jacob Gorender’s (1922-2013) 1978 book, Colonial Slavery (O Escravismo Colonial), comes alive for English-language readers thanks to Bernd Reiter and Alejandro Reyes’ brilliant translation.

Gorender argued that slave-holding societies produced an economic system sui generis, not fitting into any of the established societal categories offered by Karl Marx and Max Weber. As such, Gorender proposed a theory of colonial slavery as the structuring force of slave-holding societies. For him, slave-holding societies are different from other societies in that slavery structured them differently. This is of the utmost relevance to this day as it allows for a new and different way to explain contemporary racial inequalities in post-slavery societies. An accomplished interpreter of Brazilian social formation, Gorender was motivated by the need to understand the historical roots of class domination and the emergence of Brazilian capitalist society. His presentation of rich historical data, rigorous theoretical and analytical framework, and militant action as an active member of the Brazilian Communist Party are the hallmarks of his writing.

Colonial Slavery: An Abridged Translation is a must-read for researchers, teachers, and students of history, sociology, economics, politics, as well as activists of the Black movement and other movements committed to anti-racism.

دانلود کتابهای مطالعات ترجمه زبانشناسی ادبیات انگلیسی 2022 2023
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