E-Book: 232 English pages

Price: Free

Download: Grammar: A Pocket Guide (Behrens 2010).

If you’ve ever wanted a quick and easy guide to verbs and adverbs, commas and apostrophes, clauses and prepositions, then this is a must-have book for you. Easing readers gently into the study of the structure of English, Grammar: A Pocket Guide covers common questions such as:

  • Is it “10 items or less” or “10 items or fewer”?
  • Should I say “If I were you” or “if I was you”?
  • Can you start a sentence with “And” or “Because”?
  • When do you use “whom”?
  • What is the difference between “lie” and “lay”?
  • Is it “I feel bad” or “I feel badly”?

Using examples from everyday speech and writing, this handy book “cracks the code” of off-putting grammatical jargon so that readers can enjoy learning how to think and talk about grammar. With practice exercises, a glossary, and suggestions for further reading, Grammar: A Pocket Guide is the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to improve his or her writing and communication.