Grammaticalization and pragmatics,2009


Grammaticalization and Pragmatics: Facts, Approaches, Theoretical Issues

by Corinne Rossari, Claudia Ricci, Adriana Spiridon 2009


E-Book: 295 English pages

Publisher: CUP

Download: Grammaticalization and pragmatics: facts, approaches, theoretical issues (Rossari, RicciSpiridon 2009). 

The studies collected in this volume deal with pragmatic factors involved in the evolution of grammatical or lexical forms or in the emergence of complex syntactic structures in various languages (Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish). They are set against the theoretical framework of grammaticalization. The main methodological tools are cross-linguistic contrastive analysis and diachronic perspective. The two main issues that emerge from these studies are the place of pragmatic factors in language change (input, output or setting/frame of the process) and the existence or otherwise of a prevailing mechanism for explaining change phenomena.


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