New Insights Into Language Anxiety

Theory, Research and Educational Implications

Christina Gkonou & Mark Daubney & Jean-Marc Dewaele 2017

E-Book: 237 pages

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Download: New Insights Into Language Anxiety: Theory, Research and Educational Implications (Gkonou & Daubney & Dewaele 2017).

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This book provides an overview of current theory, research and practice in the field of language anxiety and brings together a range of perspectives on this psychological construct in a single volume. Chapters in the volume are divided into three sections. Part 1 revisits language anxiety theory, showing that it can be viewed as a complex and dynamic construct and that it is linked to other psychological variables, such as the self and personality. In Part 2, a series of contextualised studies on language anxiety are presented, with a key feature of these studies being the diverse research designs which are applied in different instructional settings across the globe. Part 3 bridges theory and practice by presenting coping strategies and practice activities with a view to informing classroom practice and pedagogical interventions.