International Journal of Translation Studies

Volume 18, Number 2, 2006

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Table of Contents


1- Translation channels: A primer on politicized literary transfer – Ioana Popa

2- Language(s) in the global news: Translation, audience design and discourse (mis)representation – Robert Holland

3- Orientations de la recherche en traduction audiovisuelle – Yves Gambier

4- Revision from translators’ point of view: An interview study – Claire Yi-yi Shih

5- Translation as a writing process: Pauses in translation versus monolingual text production – Sini Immonen

6- The effect of translator training on interference and difficulty – Brenda Malkiel

Book reviews

7- Miriam Diocaretz and Marta Segarra, eds. Joyful Babel: Translating Hélène Cixous – Reviewed by Michaela Wolf

8- Gideon Toury. Los estudios descriptivos de traducción y más allá. Metodología de la investigación en estudios de traducción – Reviewed by Marta Mateo

9- María Jesús García Garrosa et Francisco Lafarga. El discurso sobre la traducción en la España del sigol XVIII, Estudio y antología – Compte rendu par Brigitte Lépinette

10- Reine Meylaerts. L’aventure flamande de la Revue belge. Langues, littératures et cultures dans l’entre-deux-guerres – Compte rendu par Rainier Grutman

11- Kate Sturge. “The alien within”: Translation into German during the Nazi regime – Reviewed by Cristina Gómez Castro

12- New books at a glance

13- Books received

Target promotes the scholarly study of translational phenomena from any part of the world and welcomes submissions of an interdisciplinary nature. The journal’s focus is on research on the theory, history, culture and sociology of translation and on the description and pedagogy that underpin and interact with these foci. We welcome contributions with a theoretical, empirical, or applied focus. We especially welcome papers on topics at the cutting edge of the discipline, as well as shorter positioning statements which may encourage discussion by contributors to the “Forum” section of the journal. The purpose of the review section is to introduce and discuss the most important publications in the field and to reflect its evolution.