International Journal of Translation Studies

Volume 19, Number 1, 2007

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Table of Contents


1-  Methodological questions about translation research: A model to underpin research into the mental processes of translation – Stuart Campbell and Berta Wakim

2- Exploring literary translation practice: A focus on ethos – Peter Flynn

3- Foreign names into native tongues: How to transfer sound between languages — transliteration, phonological translation, nativization, and implications for translation theory – Chris Wen-Chao Li

4- Haskalah scientific knowledge in Hebrew garment: A general statement and two examples – Tal Kogman

5- A corpus-based study of the verb observar in English-Spanish translations of biomedical research articles – Ian A. Williams

6- Translation curriculum and pedagogy: Views of administrators of translation services – Defeng Li

7- Translation in global news agencies – Esperança Bielsa

Book reviews

8- Nike K. Pokorn. Challenging the traditional axioms: Translation into a non-mother tongue – Reviewed by Barbara Blackwell Gülen

9- María Jesús Barsanti Vigo. Análisis paremiológico de El Quijote de Cervantes en la versión de Ludwig Tieck – Compte rendu par Christian De Paepe

10- Dorothy Kelly. A handbook for translator trainers – Reviewed by Daniel Gile

11- Allan Turner. Translating Tolkien: Philological elements in The Lord of the rings – Reviewed by Dirk Delabastita

12- Anton Popovič. La scienza della traduzione. Aspetti metodologici. La comunicazione traduttiva – Reviewed by Ubaldo Stecconi

13- Emily Apter. The translation zone: A new comparative literature – Reviewed by Anthony Pym

14- Paul St-Pierre and Prafulla C. Kar, eds. In translation: Reflections, refractions, transformations – Reviewed by João Ferreira Duarte

15- Other books received

Target promotes the scholarly study of translational phenomena from any part of the world and welcomes submissions of an interdisciplinary nature. The journal’s focus is on research on the theory, history, culture and sociology of translation and on the description and pedagogy that underpin and interact with these foci. We welcome contributions with a theoretical, empirical, or applied focus. We especially welcome papers on topics at the cutting edge of the discipline, as well as shorter positioning statements which may encourage discussion by contributors to the “Forum” section of the journal. The purpose of the review section is to introduce and discuss the most important publications in the field and to reflect its evolution.