Target: International Journal of Translation Studies

Volume 28 – Number 2 – 2016

Audiovisual Translation: Theoretical and methodological challenges

Price: 2000 Toman

Special Issue: Audiovisual Translation: Theoretical and methodological challenges

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Table of Contents

1– Introduction — Gambier, Yves; Pinto, Sara Ramos

2– Descriptive translation studies of audiovisual translation: 21st-century issues, challenges and opportunities — Assis Rosa, Alexandra

3– Machine translation quality in an audiovisual context — Burchardt, Aljoscha; Lommel, Arle; Bywood, Lindsay; Harris, Kim; Popović, Maja

4– The multimodal approach in audiovisual translation — Taylor, Christopher

5– Action research: So much to account for — Neves, Josa

6– From Translation Studies and audiovisual translation to media accessibility: Some research trends — Remael, Aline; Reviers, Nina; Vandekerckhove, Reinhild

7– Imagined spectators: The importance of policy for audiovisual translation research — O’Sullivan, Carol

8– Psycholinguistics and audiovisual translation — Kruger, Jan-Louis

9– Cross-cultural pragmatics and audiovisual translation — Guillot, Marie-Noe

10– The importance of being relevant?: A cognitive-pragmatic framework for conceptualising audiovisual translation — Braun, Sabine

11– The ‘engendering’ approach in audiovisual translation — De Marco, Marcella


12– Serenella Massidda. (2015) AVT in the digital era. The Italian fansubbing phenomenon — Author: Ferriol

13– Anna Maszerowska, Anna Matamala & Pilar Orero (eds.). (2014) Audio description. New perspectives illustrated — Ranzato, Irene

14– Rosa Agost, Pilar Orero & Elena di Giovanni (eds.). (2012) Multidisciplinarity in Audiovisual Translation — Abend-David, Dror

15– Pablo Romero-Fresco. (2011) Subtitling through speech recognition: Respeaking — Matamala, Anna

16– Luis Pérez-González. (2014) Audiovisual translation: Theories, methods and issues — McDonough Dolmaya, Julie

17– Claire Ellender. (2015) Dealing with difference in audiovisual translation. Subtitling linguistic variation in films — Brumme, Jenny

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