The Handbook of Discourse Analysis (2nd ed)

Deborah Tannen, Heidi E. Hamilton & Deborah Schiffrin 2015

E-Book: 983 English pages

Price: 2.000 Toman

Download: The Handbook of Discourse Analysis (2nd ed) (Tannen, Hamilton & Schiffrin 2015). 

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

The second edition of the highly successful Handbook of Discourse Analysis has been expanded and thoroughly updated to reflect the very latest research to have developed since the original publication, including new theoretical paradigms and  discourse-analytic models, in an authoritative two-volume set.

  • Twenty new chapters highlight emerging trends and the latest areas of research;
  • Contributions reflect the range, depth, and richness of current research in the field;
  • Chapters are written by internationally-recognized leaders in their respective fields, constituting a Who’s Who of Discourse Analysis;
  • A vital resource for scholars and students in discourse studies as well as for researchers in related fields who seek authoritative overviews of discourse analytic issues, theories, and methods.