The Theory And The Practice Of Translation, 1962


The Theory and Practice of Translation

by Eugene A. Nida, Charles R. Taber 1962


E-Book: 113*2 English pdf pages

Publisher: Brill

Download: The Theory and Practice of Translation (Nida & Taber 1962) 


“The Theory and Practice of Translation”, first published in 1982 and a companion work to “Toward a Science of Translating”, analyses and describes the set of processes involved in translating. Bible translating, the focus of this work, offers a unique subject for such a study, as it has an exceptionally long history, involves more than 2000 languages, a vast range of cultures and a broader range of literary structures than any other type of translating. Not only of interest to biblical scholars, this work explores issues of textual meanings and the procedures for communicating these meanings into other languages and cultures.


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